Puma- States

Behold my only december sales pick up. I had already overspent this Christmas so I wasn’t going to allow myself any big sales purchases. Having always liked the RF mints but resented paying the reseller asking price I thought these, at £40 were a great cop! Even if I did get mints I would be scared to ever wear them living in Scotland with such a light colour, delicate materials and unpredictable weather.
Upon arrival the box was damaged and there are a few flaws on the shoe. Poor show from both END and Puma however at such a low cost I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of sending them back.
As you can see from the pictures I have already rocked them a few times.

Nike x DQM- Air max 90 Current


As it was the festive season and I had recently sold a number of trainers from my collection I was eager to get something special this christmas. Most commonly our most sought after trainers and grails are never about in our size or for the right price. However I came across someone selling a pair of DQM x Nike air max 90 current ‘bacons’ which just so happened to be in my size. The bacon colourway was first seen back in 2005 on the air max 90 and has ever since been widely desired. DQM’s bacons with a current twist dropped late 2009 and are rarely seen for sale 5 years later.

Shortly after I began collecting trainers I fell in love with the bacon colourway along with the rarity of air max 90 currents and their perfect shape.
The leather on the bacons is flawlessly smooth and the small details namely the ‘Nike EAST’ tongue logo complete these trainers. They were about an 8/10 with no OG box or insoles but asking price was under retail. Needless to say I copped them instantly and got myself a christmas grail.


Asics x Offspring- GLV


About half way through the crazy year of Gel lyte V collaborations we have had Offspring got in on the action with the desert pack. This is easily my favourite Gel lyte V collaboration although admittedly I wasn’t 100% on them when they first dropped. The unusual colourway just does it for me and with a pair of purple rope laces on them they are on point!
As Offspring are still relatively new to the collaboration game I feel like they really went all out on this one, using the most buttery suedes they could get their hands on and the insole stitched logos are a nice little addition of exclusivity.
Fortunately, working for the company I was able to hold a pair for myself in the time it took me to come around to them. I’m glad I did in the end and i’m glad Offspring are stepping it up.


Puma x Ronnie Fieg- Disc Blaze


This was quite a special pick up for me. Back when these first dropped I was going crazy trying to cop them and as usual, failed at the online drop and couldn’t afford to fly over to paris. A couple of weeks after the drop a friend helped me pick up the mint toes which I was very pleased about having. I had them for a good while and wore them regularly however deep down I always wished I had the corals (and I wasn’t getting them both. I don’t see the point in having two pairs of almost the exact same shoe). Someone with different views however arose, selling both pairs. This was around the time I had a good rearranging of my collection and I decided I would sell my mints to pay for the corals and I did. Everyone involved got what they wanted and I got what I had wanted for a long time.

Sadly I think these puma’s were the last good Ronnie Fieg collaboration which i’m sure will be a controversial statement but everyones entitled to their own opinion and i’m not saying he won’t start producing top trainers again.

About the trainers… I love the Puma Disc blaze. A unique silhouette that just combines all things futuristic and cool. The paint speckle is actually 3M along with the puma swoosh on the sides and both pairs have bold ‘RF’ on the heels- just incase anyone behind you didn’t know they were Ronnie Fiegs… The coloured toes is classic Fieg and after seeing someone wear these with formal attire I feel like these particular disc blaze are quite classy themselves.


Adidas- Stan Smith

'OG green'
As my time as a collector goes on I get to see where trainers first began, their origins, the very first silhouettes and all the OG colourways. I love finding out new things about brands or specific trainers that I didn’t know before.
To actually gain knowledge over time and really learn to appreciate your trainers is a great thing and definitely separates the collectors from those with too much money. In my opinion, regardless of what you collect- Stan smiths are essential.
They initially dropped back in 1971- made for the tennis player ‘Stan Smith’ and have been popular with collectors and the public consumers ever since. With a full grain leather body and rubber sole these will most likely last me a while and it’s nice to not blow a full month’s wage on every pair of trainers I cop too!SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


New Balance x Jcrew- 998

'Concrete Jungle'

Jcrew love a New balance collaboration and they are all very nice. Some, however not so worth the crazy postage plus customs from the US. Retail on these was £170 which I will leave you to come to your own conclusions over and they did take a terribly long time to arrive. It’s not all bad tho, for me anyway. Since actually having them in my collection they haven’t not been in my top 3. I am actually writing this about them now, having got them when they came out in the summer and my opinion has never changed. The materials, the colourway, the shape- Literally everything about these I love!
What’s also great is I never see them for resale either which enforces my great opinion of them and hopefully means others feel the same. Don’t sleep if you ever happen to see your size come up.