Crepe City!

This weekend (25/04) brought about Crepe City- the UK’s biggest sneaker event since 2009. At one of these events, usually located somewhere in central London you can expect to find an array of the rarest of trainers along with the freshest and most popular of scene related brands, showcased and sold by big time companies and individual sellers with too much stock.
Making a trip to a Crepe City is a must for any enthusiast at some point. Whether its to search for a long lost grail or even just meet some of your online compatriots for the first time. It’s certainly a promised unique experience that you’ll be sure to return to.

Speaking to one of the more known names within the community- Mark Robinson shared his unique experience with me:-
“Rising at 0630 I headed to the airport to convene with the rest of the SneakersER crew- Alan and Rob. Straight away the excitement and banter was flowing even involving a certain Rob being ripped by the starbucks girl. We hit Crepe City around 1100 after a breeze of a journey. We picked up our passes and headed in for a look around before the doors opened. As expected with every event- things get bigger and better! What really took me was the social side of things, the large number of people who knew me from my online presence was amazing. I had all sorts of people of all ages approach me and introduce themselves to me or thanking me for previous proxy’s, each one as nice as the last. I managed to catch up with a few familiar faces myself namely the Crepe City guys- Ronal and Morgan who made me feel nothing but welcome, Ross from the Adidas gallery who was happy to take some kicks off my hands. The day ended in a flurry when I managed to end a very long chase of the Air max 95- voitech. I really have been after these for such a long time and coming to Crepe City today just made this possible.
After the event I headed to a bar and was accompanied by a number of familiar faces and to tie things off I exchanged words with a few heads regarding the Glasgow event…”

Big thanks to Mark for the detailed run down from his day at Crepe City- I’m sure a most other stories will tell a similar tale of good times and good purchases. Be sure to check out SneakersER if any of your trainers are a little worse for wear. It’s a rising Glasgow based company with a rolling number of great reviews!
All photos were submitted by Mark Robinson.
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