Over a period of time I have tried to observe the communities opinion towards customised trainers. Peoples consensus of thumbs up, or thumbs down.

Generally, most people agree and appreciate a custom (provided you haven’t used your mum’s nail polish on a pair of beaten huaraches). There are many really artistic and talented people out there who have been able to perfectly imitate iconic and uneconomically priced trainers along with the creation of impressive and innovative new colourways.
Customising trainers isn’t a new thing either. Back in the day, Adidas even brought out plain white ‘Superstars’ that came with pens, encouraging the everyday sneakerhead to get onboard.
Customising can even be something as little as a lace swap but can stretch to hybrid sole swaps to sewing on tongue logo’s and even soldered imprints.
I feel that the majority of people who will be against it are the people who have an abundance of finance and are able to spend copious amounts on all the most lucrative trainers.
Whilst others who aren’t as fortuned are able to get something similar to a grail or an unobtainable trainer they have admired since their introduction.
We all know that feeling of getting a pair that you spend 10 minutes looking at before you even think about carefully lacing them up and walking around the house in them. Its a pretty good feeling and wouldn’t we want others to be able to experience that more often?

personally, i’m onboard with customs and wait eagerly to see who will do what next.
I even had a go myself with a pair of GLV’s and since I actually really enjoyed the long and delicate process I have decided I will do another- this time with the all white GLIII. I haven’t decided on a colourway yet although I will make a start in the not so distant future.
Just keep your eyes peeled!


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