END of year Restock!

In a couple of hours we will be entering the last day of the year. A number of things come to mind; Wheres the party?! for one, new years resolutions (no more trainers- although we know thats never going to happen) and on most people’s minds… the end of year restocks. Over the next week a number of big names will be dropping limited numbers of some of the best and most sought after trainers of the year, sort of a farewell to the year and one last chance for some of us to grab our favourites that we didn’t quite manage the first time round. Right now the only two I can confidently mention are the END/ saucony restock which consists of a number of great collaborations being restocked including the now not so lucrative ‘Burgers’.
SneakerBAAS, ze’ germans are also rumoured to be doing something similar around the 5th of January. Info is limited right now however.

I am particularly pleased with the idea of end of year restocks and with all the current hype surrounding this one I have a feeling it will become an annual thing.
Just make sure you aren’t too far from a computer come 2pm.


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