Glasgow’s Finest


Thanks to a certain someone the meeting of Glasgow’s finest sneakerheads was finally orchestrated! A strong turn out with the great interest and enthusiasm for each person definitely means that regular meetings are imminent. It was nice to finally meet some of my peers who, up until now I have only known through the world of social media. Although not having the best trainers in the room anymore might be a tough adjustment.
After we took a few photo’s and got to know each other a little more we done what any group of men would do and took to the nearest pub. After a few we called it a night and we were left with the news of Glasgow’s very own sneakerfestival- ‘Sole Bloc’ coming this August!
Great night overall with a great bunch of guys!
Thanks to Ed & Matt for the photo’s

IMG_6505 IMG_6514 IMG_6508 IMG_6518 IMG_6516 IMG_6519IMG_6503


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