Bottom half behaviour


Your trousers and socks that is.
Since the first of the ‘on the foot’ shots preceded by instagram much scrutiny has followed with regards to our bottom half fashion. We are long past the like and move on days. Now the internet is full of inquisitive copycats who need to know where and when we got what and teenage keyboard gangsters who will freely abuse what they don’t like with no regards for our tender feelings.

Now we need to have the best of pictures, the best of jeans, the best of socks and the best combed leg hair to attain the approval of most.
The perfect shot isn’t up for discussion right now, nor is how to properly comb your leg hair. Jeans and socks however I can elaborate my personal opinion on.
Socks appear in every picture so I guess they’re fairly important- unless your are going sock commando… They don’t need to be the exact same colours as the trainers in question but personally I go with the opinion that black, white and grey socks are a safe bet that will keep things looking good. If you want a few extra brownie points though pick a pair with harmonising colours and or a cool pattern. Alternatively, contrast colours can work too. Have a look at a colour wheel if you are unfamiliar with contrasting colours. There are those with deep pockets though who care only for branded socks but a good thing about this is that socks are not a ‘last season’ kind of thing and you can always find some great pairs in the sales like stance and happy socks.

Jeans wise I don’t tend to spend a lot. The less I spend on denim, the more I have for trainers. There are some fairly pricey pairs out there but often I find a pair with the perfect fit for half and sometimes less that look just fine. Often the pricier the pair the nicer the stitching which will show face if you pinroll your jeans. Similar to socks though, jeans won’t sell out and you can pick up some big branded names in the sales if you just exercise your patience.

How the jeans are worn I guess remains a more important aspect. Straight unrolled, rolled or pin rolled? Again it comes down to personal preference and age I would say. Pin rolling is a relatively new concept where the bottom of your jeans are pinched and rolled upwards so they remain tight. This makes the jeans seem tapered and can make the trainers pop! Pin rolling is primarily popular when wearing runners. Below is a picture of how to pinroll.
Rolled is an easily achieved and multi-functional method where the jeans are rolled up one or several times. Normally rolled jeans due to their simplicity and general likeability I guess are the most utilised method. Personally I prefer rolled with flat soled shoes.
Each of the rolled methods are used to 1. prevent denim bleed, 2. to show off a little ankle or fancy pair of socks and 3. because it’s in fashion and everyone else has theirs rolled?
Straight unrolled isn’t too good to be honest. A good area of the trainers are covered up along with the high likelihood of denim bleed means they are only used by older persons who haven’t really gotten to terms with the future.

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