It’s the little things…


So a couple of weeks ago I was doing my usual endless facebook scrolling and I came across a site that makes custom insoles- any size, any picture, any colour- you can even choose some pre-made designs that others or they have created themselves. The initial images I seen intrigued me to have a proper look at the website and what it was offering. The designs were great and I got in touch with a friend who had already gotten some from the girl running the site and he spoke very highly of them.

This was enough for me to enquire so I spoke to the girl for a bit and decided that I would definitely get a couple. I chose two of the pre made designs- ‘Stained glass’ and ‘Cosmic’.
The website isn’t a fully operational corporation… yet, and im not sure how much help the girl running it has but from start to finish I was very pleased with the service and the goods.
As they are made to order it did take a week or so for them to arrive and I would have forgotten about them hadn’t I been constantly updated by the girl with how things were going.

Prior to arrival I was also a bit weary of the shape of the insole not being suited to all brands of shoe, however they fitted perfectly in every brand I tried. They are probably more comfortable than most stock insoles and they are very handy for those grails you bought that are a size too big for you. Not to mention they look cool as f***!


IMG_9214 be sure to check it out.

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