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Ever find yourself spending hours trawling the hundreds of trainer websites looking for the same pair? Searching for stock, a better price or even free postage. Every penny we save is a penny onto our next purchase or so we tell ourselves.

Kick Advisor is a whole new platform that, in a way acts as a search engine for trainers. Additionally users are able to create their own profiles and share their personal collections with the rest of the site and receive fire ratings which, essentially is a like. Users with the most likes are ranked on a leaderboard and there’s nothing wrong with a little competition.

Speaking with Ultan, one of the founders of the site called it the “Instagram for Sneakers”
The site is still at an early stage and although the site was launched only a short while ago, 400 sneakerheads have already uploaded more than 1,000 pictures. There has been a lot of positive feedback on the site and speaking with Ultan there is much more to come.

Be sure to check Kick Advisor out and get your collection out there!

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