New Balance x Concepts- 998

I got these about a two weeks ago and have only really gotten round to sharing them with you due to my pure infatuated state along with exam prep taking over. Getting a real top end shoe is such a fine feeling but you really can tell the difference when its a grail. When it’s a trainer you have been after longer than any other, when everytime you see them in someone else’s pictures you’re filled with a mixture of jealousy and awe. This is that pair for me and that fine feeling is more of a meritorious one. I really only have two grails in my collection- my atmos safari’s and now these. I did, unfortunately have to pay an arm and a leg in obtaining them but the list of justifiable reasons is endless and it has put me out of the buyers game, at least until the exams are over (maybe).

Due to the recent string of sterling weather I have already been able to un-DS them and what a day that was! If passer-byers had time to stop and have a closer look im sure they would have complimented on the exceptional use of materials or if they weren’t a trainer enthusiast (which in glasgow they probably weren’t) then they might rave about the unusual and subtly perfect shade of green they are. Or maybe they wouldn’t say anything at all and i’m just a lonely man in love… Whatever the case, i’m a happy man.



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