New Balance- 1500

'Fly the Flag'
Just as the dust was settling from my last 1500 purchase these came along…
I’m unsure if a recent lack of time contributed to the fact I barely knew anything about these 1500’s dropping but luckily at the time of discovery there were a good few left. With general releases today, especially purchasing them online we take such a gamble. Due to a large number of reasons, the quality of our favourite brands has been known to vary. Glue stains, defects in patterns or colour and generally poor craftsmanship have more recently haunted our dreams when it comes to GR’s.
These, however upon delivery did not disappoint. I was blessed with a perfect shoe that has become my favourite GR in a while with regards to quality of production. The additional fact that Red is my favourite colour may have also contributed…

It’s such a nice feeling when a shoe with no stressed rushing involved or engulfing hype turns out to be so much more than you had hoped and a long living member in the family.
IMG_9365 IMG_9368 IMG_9370


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