Nike- Air Max 1

'Wash Pack'
Here is the 2004 ‘wash pack’ Asia exclusives. There isn’t a whole load of hype that surround these and I didn’t actually know too much about them until I spied some amazing pictures taken in a laundrette. Anyway, that was enough to get them on my radar although this was probably well over a year ago and I had never in all my time involved seen a pair of these up for grabs. This, fortunately for me was another steal and although the outersole needs a little glue loving I managed to get them posted for well under £100.

The washed out leather is a unique look that we don’t actually see too often. It also means I wont be afraid to give them a good wear. Despite their age they are in a fantastic condition. The rest of the leather is great along with OG laces and arch supports. My favourite detail has to be the corduroy (could be a substitute although I don’t think it is) very patta corduroy-esk and I can’t wait to rock them with my corduroy trousers. Blast from the past!


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