Nike- Air Max 90

'King of the Mountain'
I finally managed to grab a pair of these 08′ air max 90 premiums! thats right, these were just a premium release. We are lucky these days to see this much detail go into a collaboration. apparently less is more…
As I have been on the hunt for quite the period of time for these at the right price I would have happily settled for a used condition pair but it seems my luck was in as I managed to score a brand new pair with OG box and all for an even luckier price.
This pair were influenced by the notorious mowabb colourway which we, over the years have seen a number of re-enactments. Not many of those as well adapted as these (although my biased airmax views may be clouding things). The quality of the different leathers is reflective of the premium label circa 2008 and the little additions are what make this shoe such a high scorer in my books, namely the translucent imaged sole or the ‘king of the mountain’ stitching on the heel. Pink isn’t everyones cup of tea however and these won’t be easy to maintain. I look forward to un-DS’ing them this summer.

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