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Just a quick note to apologise for the recent inacivity. This will unfortunately continue over the next month until my exams are done however there are some Big things coming which will bring about the involvement of all of you. Until then feel free to check up on my LPU’s as i’m always picking up. Additionally if you want some trainer fame then send me some of your pictures and I can feature them in our gallery including links to your insta pages.

Taking the BAIT


This week saw the release of the fairly hyped BAIT x Asics ‘splash city’ Gel lyte V’s. The shoes were reflective of BAIT’s newest store location in the San Francisco area and were to only be available from that location. They, like any collaboration utilise premium materials such as Nubuck. They have the 3M Asics logo which features on most GLV’s and BAIT illustrated insoles. A nice shoe overall but thats as far as it goes in my opinion.

We are talking about BAIT tho- one of the biggest collaborating names and in my opinion, one of the best media masters and advertising admirals. They definitely know how to generate hype. It started with the perfectly edited teaser images along with the ‘limited’ numbers and individual location drop which set the hype bomb off. There were people begging for proxy weeks before the release and even plans of a trip to the bay for some. Good job BAIT.

What we are seeing now, similar to the last few releases from BAIT is the raffle system where if you apply- ‘you May have a chance to buy a pair’ yet another brilliant hype tool, However, not so ‘limited’ when everyone who applied gets the chance. I never applied at the time but before publishing the article I did. A little experiment to exercise and test my opinion- to which I prevailed as I now am one of the lucky few…

In no way am I slating BAIT. I like most of their collabs and have/had a pair myself. I am merely sharing that their ‘limited’ releases aren’t so limited and that we don’t need to stress about getting a pair if we really want
a pair. Just hang about Klekt and wait for a discount reseller to realise he made a mistake or wait for the next installment (the red pair).

Tinker Surprise!

This year marks the 28th anniversary of the very first air max trainer. Perfectly and brilliantly conjured by Tinker Hatfield. We have Tinker to thank for such silhouettes as the: Air max 1, Air max 90, Huarache and  Jordans- 3,4,5,6,11 and 12. So quite a few and some might say the best. Anything he gets involved in these days seems to easily obtain a holy status. Understandibly tho he has earned his stigma.

Last year we seen the OG ‘3.26’ volt sole air max 1’s for the anniversary and this year, despite 28 years being nothing particularly special it seems like we are going to be flooded with anniversary packs, limited drops and even a new silhouette from Tinker himself! I guess it goes back to what I’ve said previously about corporations capitalising on the current popularity of ‘the game’.
I’m not going to lie tho, I was very excited when I seen this video and the sketch looks very tantalising. If you haven’t already seen it then definitely check it out below!

Just a couple of days after the video dropped though we were graced with a follow up picture of the ‘Air max Zero’ and yes, it did look like the sketch however the use of proposed materials looks very disappointing. Too many plasticy synthetics and too many materials in general in my opinion. It would seem that they have tried to take a collection of previous trainers and throw them all together in the hope of creating something that all the previous enthusiasts of each will adore. In no way am I writing the ‘Zero’s’ off but I am nervous to see them in the flesh and the initial colourways.



Over a period of time I have tried to observe the communities opinion towards customised trainers. Peoples consensus of thumbs up, or thumbs down.

Generally, most people agree and appreciate a custom (provided you haven’t used your mum’s nail polish on a pair of beaten huaraches). There are many really artistic and talented people out there who have been able to perfectly imitate iconic and uneconomically priced trainers along with the creation of impressive and innovative new colourways.
Customising trainers isn’t a new thing either. Back in the day, Adidas even brought out plain white ‘Superstars’ that came with pens, encouraging the everyday sneakerhead to get onboard.
Customising can even be something as little as a lace swap but can stretch to hybrid sole swaps to sewing on tongue logo’s and even soldered imprints.
I feel that the majority of people who will be against it are the people who have an abundance of finance and are able to spend copious amounts on all the most lucrative trainers.
Whilst others who aren’t as fortuned are able to get something similar to a grail or an unobtainable trainer they have admired since their introduction.
We all know that feeling of getting a pair that you spend 10 minutes looking at before you even think about carefully lacing them up and walking around the house in them. Its a pretty good feeling and wouldn’t we want others to be able to experience that more often?

personally, i’m onboard with customs and wait eagerly to see who will do what next.
I even had a go myself with a pair of GLV’s and since I actually really enjoyed the long and delicate process I have decided I will do another- this time with the all white GLIII. I haven’t decided on a colourway yet although I will make a start in the not so distant future.
Just keep your eyes peeled!


Saturation Point


The current market is undeniably over saturated with product and it’s confusing a lot of people and a lot of things.
It hasn’t always been like this tho. Trainers have been with us for a long time now and have evolved through the brilliance of creative design and the need for comfort during our everyday lives. They are widely used for a number of different things yet all of ‘us’ are only interested in a particular selection of trainers that we fashion, showcase, collect and worship—in particular, runners.

If we forget about the endless number of personal preferences we have towards our trainers for a second tho we will realize that we all ultimately reside within the same realms of a target consumer.

We find ourselves in this current market predicament due to the recent increase in popularity of trainers. The trainer game being at such a high is encouraging the companies to take full advantage of the fact that there are more and more new people beginning to ‘collect’ and ‘love’ trainers and spend endless amounts of money on them.

This has brought about multiple general releases each month and endless collaborations with all the independent stores. Okay, so the collaborations will still be limited and most of them look great but if you weren’t lucky enough to get a pair you can rest easy knowing that another couple will be dropping over the next 2 months and you will undoubtedly like one of those. If not then the company will probably release an almost identical colourway the following year for a small amount less.

For a rough idea I could tell you that this month alone (February- only having 28 days this year) there was over 30 releases- not including the different colourways of individual trainers. About a third of them were collaborations and about 90% of those collaborations sold out.

I can’t say I’ve been around from the beginning although I have definitely been around long enough to notice the current over production, which in turn has lessened the excitement and exclusiveness of collecting trainers for me (although I know I’m not alone in this).

I’m not saying I’m ready to call it a day either and if I was I wouldn’t be much of a enthusiast. I do know however that the current attraction will die down, order will be restored soon enough and the procurement of an independent collaboration will once again be a stress-free thing.

Yeezus christ!

We have mostly all been aware of the upcoming Adidas x Yeezy collaboration for a while now and it looks like a release date is finally in sight. Throughout the last couple of weeks the rumours started and the low quality pictures started appearing followed by high quality ones and finally the end is in sight. The Yeezy ‘boost’ (which is the only item from the entire line thats dropping we have actually been able to get a look at so far) will be dropping at the NY fashion week which commences as of the 12th of this month.
After Kanye’s bitter fall out with Nike over unpaid royalties he packed up his shit and went next door to the rivals- Adidas. Quite an outrageous move in my eyes but I suppose it is Kayne we are talking about here…
I have never been a fan of the Nike yeezy’s and I definitely feel like I may be in the minority here. My main problem being- I’m not a high topper, I’ve always been a runner! and secondly they have become the most hyped shoe around (along with anything he is involved in- or even seen wearing these days). I have always been a fan of the colourways he utilises however. We see them on ID’s and customs all over the place now and the ‘yeezy’ colourway is a familiar one among the community.

Despite my impartial view towards the yeezys I was eager to see what Kanye ‘the tupac of product’ would be able to produce- in spite of Nike too. I really did think it was going to be something to remember. However, most of you will already have seen what the Yeezy boost looks like by now and if you haven’t then i’ll be happy to have bestowed these upcoming images upon you.
Despite looking like a cross between your  favourite childhood velcro astroturf trainers and your mum’s fancy dress all suede knee-high’s they bare a lot of similarities to the previous yeezy’s. This time however, as well as the two conventional securing methods (laces and velcro strap) they have also included a zip. A zip that runs along a non solid suede body might I add which im sure will insite many zipping dilemmas. What disappointed me the most however was the colourway, or rather lack of it. Nothing special for a shoe thats going to set you back $250 (approx £170). Additional rumours also tell of an all red pair to drop shortly after the grey’s and will be $100 more. sigh*

Despite being in a minority of yeezy haters (not that I actually hate them it just sounded better than impartial yeezy-iest’s) I don’t think too many opinions will differ vastly from mine. Obviously there are hype beasts and resellers and people who don’t really have a clue or too much money whom will be responsible for the selling out of these but deep down I think most of us will agree that yeezy’s were better contrived and executed by Nike.

It’s the little things…


So a couple of weeks ago I was doing my usual endless facebook scrolling and I came across a site that makes custom insoles- any size, any picture, any colour- you can even choose some pre-made designs that others or they have created themselves. The initial images I seen intrigued me to have a proper look at the website and what it was offering. The designs were great and I got in touch with a friend who had already gotten some from the girl running the site and he spoke very highly of them.

This was enough for me to enquire so I spoke to the girl for a bit and decided that I would definitely get a couple. I chose two of the pre made designs- ‘Stained glass’ and ‘Cosmic’.
The website isn’t a fully operational corporation… yet, and im not sure how much help the girl running it has but from start to finish I was very pleased with the service and the goods.
As they are made to order it did take a week or so for them to arrive and I would have forgotten about them hadn’t I been constantly updated by the girl with how things were going.

Prior to arrival I was also a bit weary of the shape of the insole not being suited to all brands of shoe, however they fitted perfectly in every brand I tried. They are probably more comfortable than most stock insoles and they are very handy for those grails you bought that are a size too big for you. Not to mention they look cool as f***!


IMG_9214 be sure to check it out.

The Newest Addition to the Family!

After some lengthy discussions and a beautiful display of compassion from father to son I was able to trade my old Sony NEX-5 for my dads Canon eos 400D. I did love my Sony and it Was my first proper camera but it was time for a change.
I have only been able to quickly take one half assed picture of my New balance ‘Finals’ and even that came out amazing. I’m looking forward to really getting to understand and use this Canon to its full potential. If anyone has one of these particular models and has some good tips then get in touch!

Guess who’s Back?!

Yep, thats right. Exams are finally over and normality- or what you can call normality has taken over once again. Despite it only being a short month off I have an abundant amount to report so stay tuned!

END of year Restock!

In a couple of hours we will be entering the last day of the year. A number of things come to mind; Wheres the party?! for one, new years resolutions (no more trainers- although we know thats never going to happen) and on most people’s minds… the end of year restocks. Over the next week a number of big names will be dropping limited numbers of some of the best and most sought after trainers of the year, sort of a farewell to the year and one last chance for some of us to grab our favourites that we didn’t quite manage the first time round. Right now the only two I can confidently mention are the END/ saucony restock which consists of a number of great collaborations being restocked including the now not so lucrative ‘Burgers’.
SneakerBAAS, ze’ germans are also rumoured to be doing something similar around the 5th of January. Info is limited right now however.

I am particularly pleased with the idea of end of year restocks and with all the current hype surrounding this one I have a feeling it will become an annual thing.
Just make sure you aren’t too far from a computer come 2pm.