Solebloc Recap

The doors were opened to the first ever Solebloc event last weekend and what a day it was!

As well as helping promote and set up the event along with the organisers, @G1runners and anyone else I went along to sell a few pairs and to enjoy the day. The lead up for most people involved got a little stressful although the day was a huge success where everyone had a great time meeting their peers and no one went home empty handed!


As usual the weather forecast prior to the event was looking bleak. Fortunately the sun made a lengthy appearance and everyone got to bust out their good trainers. A huge turn out including people from all over the country meant that there was quite a lot of competition in terms of who’s wearing what.
The event had so much to offer throughout the day including a massive collection of 250+ new balance trainers old and new which even got a mention on Complex!
Due to the success and joy orchestrated from the event I don’t think that will be the last one we see.

*A full write up on the event and what was going on at the event can be found on the solebloc website, HERE– written by myself. For more information and pictures of the new balance gallery check out THIS– written by Thomas Lindie and full selection of the best shots from the day can be found there also thanks to @689r and @beardedsole

– myself in the New Balance 998 x Concept ‘Tannery’ on the day. picture by @689R


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