Since the genesis of trainers we have seen this once niche market evolve into something completely opposite. From your box standard ‘gutties’ (pardon my Scottish) we now see a market, not so niche with numerous brands, hundreds of styles and countless colour-ways!

Most recently we have seen the introduction of the sneaker (trainer) festival. The coming together of people from all across the country and in some cases outwith to share in the passion and enthusiasm for the once ‘niche’ market.
Sneaker festivals not only cater to those who began them but to a much wider audience. With the introduction of clothing labels- big and independent they grew massively and now boast a huge variety of brands and items that can relate to most in some way or another.

Scotland’s first and only sneaker festival has finally come and the date has been set. SoleBloc promises all of what you would expect and more and it’s just north of the border.
Taking a trip to the Scotland’s only sneaker festival you will come across some of the biggest and best sneakers in the game. From the Independent sellers showcasing their rarest of collaborations to the bigger names who may or may not have some limited items up for grabs. Either way you won’t struggle to find something that fits. With some of the UK’s newest and upcoming brands presence there too you’ll be kitted out from head to toe upon departure.

Along with a full day of ogling you will be adequately fed with some of the finest food going in Glasgow as you are appeased with a constant supply of live music from the finest DJ’s around.
Be sure not to peak too soon though as the night continues with the venue transforming to host the afterparty where Beardyman will be playing LIVE and everyone is welcome.

[Tickets can be purchased via the website: Sole Bloc and enquires can be sent to]

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