Taking the BAIT


This week saw the release of the fairly hyped BAIT x Asics ‘splash city’ Gel lyte V’s. The shoes were reflective of BAIT’s newest store location in the San Francisco area and were to only be available from that location. They, like any collaboration utilise premium materials such as Nubuck. They have the 3M Asics logo which features on most GLV’s and BAIT illustrated insoles. A nice shoe overall but thats as far as it goes in my opinion.

We are talking about BAIT tho- one of the biggest collaborating names and in my opinion, one of the best media masters and advertising admirals. They definitely know how to generate hype. It started with the perfectly edited teaser images along with the ‘limited’ numbers and individual location drop which set the hype bomb off. There were people begging for proxy weeks before the release and even plans of a trip to the bay for some. Good job BAIT.

What we are seeing now, similar to the last few releases from BAIT is the raffle system where if you apply- ‘you May have a chance to buy a pair’ yet another brilliant hype tool, However, not so ‘limited’ when everyone who applied gets the chance. I never applied at the time but before publishing the article I did. A little experiment to exercise and test my opinion- to which I prevailed as I now am one of the lucky few…

In no way am I slating BAIT. I like most of their collabs and have/had a pair myself. I am merely sharing that their ‘limited’ releases aren’t so limited and that we don’t need to stress about getting a pair if we really want
a pair. Just hang about Klekt and wait for a discount reseller to realise he made a mistake or wait for the next installment (the red pair).

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