The future is Nigh

Imagine you could cut your trainer collection down to a mere fraction of its current royalty but at the same time have ever pair youve ever wanted…
Well this is a potential possibility in the not so distant future. To explain more informatively there is a company called CuteCircuit who established in 2004. CuteCircuit are responsible for ‘wearable technology’ or so it’s been deemed. Wearable technology is simply colour altering items of clothing from t-shirts to jeans and now hopefully trainers!

The designs are flourishing with big names such as Google and Levi’s getting onboard and now Shift Sneaker are in the process of revising the technology to apply to trainers. It is the hope to be able to adjust the trainers via mobile app. Shift Sneaker on initial promotions have shared a couple of packs and potential options will be available such as;
‘The selfie pack’ where your outfit is photographed and your trainers will change to match the particular colours. ‘The running pack’ where runners can use their design as a pacesetter with the Sneaker glowing green, blue or red depending on whether they’re ahead of target, on target or behind. ‘The connection pack’ where couples can replicate each others designs and be all matching and cute. ‘The cycling pack’ where vibrant coloured colourways will make the cyclist easily identifiable in the dark. ‘The fashion pack’ is the last of the packs where special fashion inspired colourways become available and in some cases before they hit the runways.

Although many more packs will become available as the product is unfolds the initial ones are enough to have everyone intrigued. These along with the fact you can create your very own designs make the possibilities endless! a million trainers in one.

Getting onboard with the technicalities ShiftSneaker are using some pretty advanced methods and materials such as;
Phase Change fibers and Shape Memory materials that enable interchangeability between designs, locking chosen patterns to the sneakers. Meta materials that manipulate fabric tissue allowing properties which bend-light particles but also adapt to variables such as surface or temperature. Conductive threads woven into the sneaker membrane, pass electrical signals that react to the human touch whilst miniature LEDs act as a malleable flexi-screen which ultimately display the Shift designs.
It’s not often our intelligence in understanding is put to the test in relation to trainers but I find myself very interested by this and I look forward to it’s introduction to the market.

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