The Real runners of Glasgow

Getting to know some of the other people who are as enthused by trainers as I around Glasgow has been great! From having no one to relate with to having numerous in a matter of weeks was something I could never foresee happening. Not only that we have all been involved in orchestrating and helping promote Scotland’s first sneaker festival Sole bloc!
We have conversed on all topics big and small and drank beers, mostly big. Taking a trip to Loch Lomond was our latest venture which, other than being eaten alive by the local midgeys and a certain someone almost writing their car off… was a good time.

We have now introduced a screening process for applicants who long to join the gang. Applicants will be grilled on their knowledge and judged on their taste. Feel free to apply via email. Please no nudes.

Here are a few pictures from the last few meetings since I was enjoying my summer a little too much to recollect at the time. As usual, many thanks to Ed, Matt and Sean for the pictures!








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