Tinker Surprise!

This year marks the 28th anniversary of the very first air max trainer. Perfectly and brilliantly conjured by Tinker Hatfield. We have Tinker to thank for such silhouettes as the: Air max 1, Air max 90, Huarache and  Jordans- 3,4,5,6,11 and 12. So quite a few and some might say the best. Anything he gets involved in these days seems to easily obtain a holy status. Understandibly tho he has earned his stigma.

Last year we seen the OG ‘3.26’ volt sole air max 1’s for the anniversary and this year, despite 28 years being nothing particularly special it seems like we are going to be flooded with anniversary packs, limited drops and even a new silhouette from Tinker himself! I guess it goes back to what I’ve said previously about corporations capitalising on the current popularity of ‘the game’.
I’m not going to lie tho, I was very excited when I seen this video and the sketch looks very tantalising. If you haven’t already seen it then definitely check it out below!

Just a couple of days after the video dropped though we were graced with a follow up picture of the ‘Air max Zero’ and yes, it did look like the sketch however the use of proposed materials looks very disappointing. Too many plasticy synthetics and too many materials in general in my opinion. It would seem that they have tried to take a collection of previous trainers and throw them all together in the hope of creating something that all the previous enthusiasts of each will adore. In no way am I writing the ‘Zero’s’ off but I am nervous to see them in the flesh and the initial colourways.


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