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New Balance’s factory in Flimby is primarily known for its handcrafted quality output of New balance trainers. In particular the 577. It’s only right that William J. Riley- the british born founder took new balance back to its roots to make such a home quality product. Our friends over at Size? have been the most recent visitors and publicised their little trip there not too long ago and were kind enough to make us a short film.


Now this wont be the first time Size? have been here. Remembering size? have collaborated on 16 previous new balance 577’s that go way back to 2005 close to when size first came about.
However each time they have taken a visit we have, shortly after been blessed with a (few) very nice pair of 577’s. So can we take this publicly declared trip to the Flimby factory as another upcoming 577 collaboration or are they just toying with our emotions? I guess we’ll just need to wait and see…

*Well it turns out my suspicions were correct and Size? are infact about to drop another New Balance collaboration- It wont, however be a 577 but instead two 1500’s white and black. No full images of either have been released yet but they look a little disappointing to me.

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